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METACOSMOS is building the digitally inclusive future

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METACOSMOS is a virtual reality platform
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Welcome to MetaCosmos

MetaCosmos’s vision is to be the global leader in immersive metaverse experiences focused on retail, media, gaming, and rewards, where the MetaCos token is the digital asset that fuels the METACOSMOS ecosystem

METACOSMOS is building the digitally inclusive future of work






METACOSMOS is building the digitally inclusive future of work through empowering people around the world to advance to new digital frontiers. The company is focused on unlocking the true market value of the global digital economy for high-demand consumer services such as e-commerce, e-media, finance and e-sports/gaming. In the process of building its various ventures, such as METACOSMOS GAMES, METACOSMOS MEDIA, METACOSMOS FINANCE, METACOSMOS NFTs (end-to-end platform and marketplace) and an upcoming e-commerce solution, METACOSMOS has zeroed in on a core product that takes advantage of a new digital frontier: the metaverse.

This core product is the METACOSMOS VALT, a new virtual space that is shaping to be a fully immersive discovery shopping and retail experience, with elements from gaming, media, crypto-finance, NFTs, and more. METACOSMOS VALT forms its own standalone metaverse experience yet showcases full multichain interoperability, with four themed quarters focused on art, music, gaming, and entertainment / technology that together enhance the metaverse experience. METACOSMOS’s ventures play pivotal plug-in roles in enriching the metaverse experience, while growing as viable business entities on their own. providing a unique source traffic for the metaverse. METACOSMOS FINANCE is leveraging the power of decentralized finance, to create innovative, low cost products, focused on financial inclusion and rewarding users.

The METACOS token, initially created as the main token of the METACOSMOS Ecosystem and its ventures, is becoming the main digital asset for METACOSMOS VALT. It has been used as the mode of exchange for assets that have already been offered in the METACOSMOS VALT metaverse, such as SHOPs within the virtual space’s first publicly available quarter called METAnova. Moving forward, more utility for the METACOS token will be introduced within the METACOSMOS VALT.

Our Ecosystem

We Create Best Products

MetaCosmos Games

METACOSMOS GAMES is an METACOSMOS venture that focuses on the play-to-earn business model

MetaCosmos Media

This newly formed venture allows users to earn rewards for creating content, playing games to win,

MetaCosmos E-commerce

The e-commerce streaming app will be released and launch of METACOSMOS TV and streaming.

MetaCosmos NFT

NFT stands for “non-fungible token,” and it can technically contain anything digital,

MetaCosmos Finance

It is a crypto-financial launchpad for METACOSMOS VALT.


METACOSMOS was founded in July 2021, with the intent to be South Asia's first blockchain venture builder and to help with the mass adoption of blockchain and other emerging technologies. In forming METACOSMOS, co-founders identified the gap between the core protocol layer of blockchain technology and the ability for the end consumer to interact. For them, it meant mass adoption was still some time away, yet the solutions it presented were too good not to capitalize on.

The company utilizes blockchain technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) to leverage solutions to the existing problems businesses face in the region. The METACOSMOS Team determines competition, market size, feasibility, market growth potential and determines if there is an actual advantage in using blockchain technology, AI, AR/VR or cloud computing. METACOSMOS assess product-market fit and hire an expert team accordingly. This team is entrusted to take the project to the next level of growth and scaling.

METACOSMOS uses a core team to design and implement each venture 8 and then provides ongoing assistance through networking, advisory services, and retention of board seats. METACOSMOS is focused on digital inclusion and working toward a state where the end-users are completely unaware that they are interacting with blockchain, and other emerging technologies being implemented in customer-facing solutions