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It is the year 11,752. The Metagalactic Collective rules most of the known systems. A benevolent but incomprehensible A.I known as The Onemind guides the Collective, ensuring peace and prosperity. The Onemind has revealed a revolutionary new technology: Terraforming Capsules. These capsules cause a planet to spontaneously undergo millions of years of evolution in seconds. Three planets in a sector called Dalarnia have been chosen to undergo the first wave of terraforming experiments. Peoples from across the Galaxy flocked to the newly terraformed planets, seeking their fortunes in a spacefaring goldrush. As one of these hopeful miners, you have spent your life savings to travel to a moon on the outskirts of the system. Are you prepared to make your fortune in the Mines of Dalarnia?

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Delve into the unknown, dark mine. Collect resources to improve your Equipment and Attributes so that you can face the dangers of the depth.


Blending combat and dungeon crawling, Mines of Dalarnia delivers a fresh new entry to the genre, utilizing the power of blockchain technologies.


Dalarnia is abundant with resources for explorers and investors to discover, collect and trade.


Luna Praxis World Map

Luna Praxis

Terra Caldera World Map

Terra Caldera

Terra Prime World Map

Terra Prime

Terra Simia World Map

Terra Simia

Minimecha Features

MOD game Miners

Game Truly Owned by Users

All the items and actions are registered on the blockchain with decentralized governance.

Mod Game Miners Equipment

Play And Earn

Collect rare resources, upgrade and craft equipment, compete and win rewards.

Mod Game Miners Birds

Vibrant Economic Incentives for Growth and Sustainability

Open market to trade and exchange NFTs as well as lucrative rewards for land owners.

MoD Character Miner


Mine Resources

Right Arrow Left Arrow

Collect Tax

Top Left Arrow

Earn DAR through staking and tournaments

Top Right Arrow
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Q2 2022

Ingame Marketplace

- Release of the Ingame Marketplace

- Content and Feature Updates

Q1 2022

Mainnet Build Release

- Planetary travel

- Updated core and meta gameplay

Q3 2022

Mobile App Release

- Planetary Events

- Competetive Game Modes and Token Rewards


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